Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnership

The division of chattels on breakdown of marriage or civil partnership often brings particular problems. Valuation issues can arise in relation to separately acquired property, for example, property acquired by an individual partner before the marriage or through inheritance. Due to market activity, the value of some jointly owned items may have risen out of all proportion to others.  Accurate and properly documented valuations are clearly of the utmost importance in these circumstances. Increasingly, a prenuptial agreement can help with the division of a joint estate where too it will be important to include accurate valuations. Over the lifetime of the agreement, the valuations could benefit from a periodic review.


Conditional Exemption and Acceptance in lieu

We can provide the necessary valuations as part of the IHT return or review and update pre-existing valuations. We can also undertake any necessary research, setting out the reasons why an object should satisfy the required tests.