Laura has been working as a specialist in the Indian Art World for over 20 years. She graduated with a degree in Art History from the School of World Art and Museology at the University of East Anglia. She followed this with an MA in World Art and spend a year in the same school as a Visiting Fellow.

In 2007 she opened the Art Gallery Art 18/21 which holds shows of contemporary art in India. For the past eight years she has attended the Indian Art Fair in Delhi.

Laura acts as the Art Adviser for The South Asian Decorative Arts and Crafts Collection Trust (The SADACC Trust) which is based in the UK.

Laura has an excellent working relationship with many contemporary artists in India. Her involvement with collection management gives her the advantage of working with the major auction houses, private dealers and public and private museums. A documentation and authentication service for Modern Indian artworks is available.

Her areas of expertise include modern and contemporary Indian Art, Indian Miniatures from antiquity to the present day, Company School paintings and European artists in India. She has curated many exhibitions and has worked with the British Council in Delhi.

Laura has worked with Rachel since early 2015.

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