Doerr Dallas Valuations understands that our clients may require, from time-to-time, discrete advice and assistance when buying or selling works of art. With our unparalleled understanding of the international Art Market, we are uniquely positioned to give this form of advice. Discretion and transparency are at the centre of our approach.

The Art Market is a complicated and unique arena for clients to navigate and to understand. Often a lack of transparency and hidden conflicts of interest complicate matters further.  Doerr Dallas Valuations aims to provide clear, transparent and market led advice which helps our clients to deal more easily within this market.

Whether our clients simply require help with the authentication and due diligence on a work of art; or whether they would like advice on the correct pricing of an artwork prior to purchase, Doerr Dallas Valuations can help.  We are also highly experienced in assisting our clients with the process of both buying and selling works of art and other high value chattels.

We can advise on the most appropriate and effective route to sale – be that at auction or through a private treaty sale. Independent advice can ensure you receive the right advice, that is clear and has no-invested interest.   We are happy to act on your behalf should you wish us to do so.

We are also able to help our clients source even the most specific of requests across all collecting genres using our industry wide network of specialists to find the perfect fit to our client’s request.

Our advice is always independent, unbiased and market led – and our fee structures are always agreed with our clients from the start so that they have a full understanding of the process involved.

We hope that you will think of Doerr Dallas Valuations should you require any level of assistance with your collecting or selling needs.

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