We have developed a first class support and advisory service to help clients manage their collections with our own bespoke Database. We can provide overall curatorial support or create a bespoke package of any combination of the following service elements.

Collections Management

  • Identify items requiring conservation.
  • Identify appropriate conservators and restorers.
  • Plan and run programmes of restoration and conservation.
  • Draw up a disaster plan.

Valuation & Insurance

  • Ensure appropriate and up-to-date valuations are in place.
  • Help negotiate preferential rates from insurers.
  • Provide third party valuations for acquisitions and disposals.
  • Advise on valuations for raising capital.

Professional Services

  • Provide introductions to experienced tax planning professionals to help with IHT and CGT planning or with family division (divorce, probate, raising funding, etc.).
  • Undertake valuations for the transfer of items into trusts, the creation of art holding companies or partnerships, etc.
  • Provide valuations and help negotiate for the leasing of items under Chattels Rental Schemes.
  • Help with the creation of Philanthropic Trusts.
  • Assist with requirements of the provision of public access to exempt items.

Property Related Services

  • Make recommendations in respect of the environment and conditions in which items are held.
  • Review security, insurance and related issues.
  • Advise on decoration and restoration of property.
  • Assist with moving to new property.
  • Arrange for carriage and secure storage

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