When considering an insurance valuation, it is important to ask yourself where your current values come from and if you have had a previous valuation, how old it is?

We work closely with you to tailor your Valuation proposal to your needs, in providing your insurers with an accurate and true reflection of your contents, assets and valuables.

By talking to us, you will be recommended the best way to achieve your needs and advised how we can work together in the future to keep this information up to date.

We see, on a daily basis, a high level of under-insurance. This is probably due to owners having busy lifestyles and not focusing on rapidly changing markets.   More than 78% of clients we visit are under-insured.   This can result in claims of damage or loss being only partially being met or not at all.

By instructing Doerr Dallas Valuations, you will be provided with an accurate and up to date valuation by an independent specialist team providing accurate true values, so that should you suffer a loss, you can replace or repair your items.  A valuation provides you with the comfort of knowing that valuable possessions and household items are correctly insured and that any settlement would accurately reflect the loss or damage.

A valuation report ensures your claim is both expedited and settled in full of any claim made to your insurers.

Our report details each piece, providing a full detailed description, together with photographs for identification purposes and a value for insurance replacement together with notes on Provenance and condition.  Our report can be provided both by location within the home or by category.

All the items will be thoroughly examined with great care to ensure that your valuation is as comprehensive and fully researched as possible.

Our reports are accepted by all leading insurance carriers to ensure that your assets are appropriately insured.

We recommend a valuation update every 2-3 years and on some items annually.  We work closely with you in updating these reports as part of our service to ensure we keep up with current market trends.  This is done as a desktop valuation with a specialist reviewing all values as different categories move at different speeds and some not at all.

As independent valuers, we provide a confidential and discreet service and do not share our information with anyone outside of Doerr Dallas Valuations unless instructed by you.

Full Insurance Valuations

We tailor our valuation to your needs; once we have a full understanding of your requirements, and following agreement, we will place the correct team of specialists into your home.

We provide a confidential and discreet service. Our team of specialists will produce a detailed report providing a photograph of each item for identification purposes and will provide a detailed description/contents inventory of all your personal possessions, all produced within a bound document with notes of provenance and relevant exhibitions detailed within, together with a summary by category. A yearly review is also offered.

Walk Through Valuation / Validation

A WTV is a valuation of the contents on a global scale, whereby we conduct a room by room; category by category assessment. Providing a summary of items within categories, taking items out of general contents which carries the highest rate of premium, reflecting your risk on an accurate basis.  The appraisal is conducted by a general valuer.  Items of singular high value may require a specialist.

Our report will provide you with cross room shots, we will highlight upto 10 items of singular high value and provide descriptions and photographs.

Any areas of concern will be discussed with you together with your Jewellery values.

A WTV usually takes a minimum of 3 hours however, this does depend on the size of the property, number of bedrooms/receptions rooms and any outbuildings.

This is a service which is recognised by the insurance industry.

The Desktop Watch Valuation

The watch market can be volatile depending on your watch.  So, if you own a Patek Phillip, Audemars Piguet, a Rolex, Laurent Ferrier, Piaget or a Cartier? If your current valuation is old or out of date, you could be out of pocket should you suffer a loss of your watch.

The watch market has seen some very big changes in recent years. For example A Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner bought in 2000 would have cost you around £3,000 for a brand new model, bought from a boutique. The equivalent model bought today would cost you £6,450+  If you want to buy a brand new Rolex Submariner right now, you will pay anything up to £13,500+, the secondary market is thriving and these watches do sell at this kind of figure.

So, we are offering our clients a remote desktop Valuation service.

What you need to do:

  1. Send us 3-4 good quality photographs of your watches both front and back, including a close up of the dial and back of the dial
  2. We require the following:
    1. Copies of any receipts or certificates / warranty card
    2. Model & Serial numbers
    3. Date of purchase
  3. Dial measurements
  4. Photo of the original packaging if available
  5. Your full name; address; contact number and email address

You will receive a Valuation document from Doerr Dallas Valuations in pdf form within 5 working days from the receipt of information. Our report will provide you with an up- to-date TRUE replacement value for the purpose of Insurance Replacement.

Our special offer fee is £50 per Watch plus VAT @ 20%.

For a large Collection of Watches (more than 12) and or Jewellery we would be pleased to offer you a home visit at a special rate to appraise in person and, also provide you with clasp and settings checks.


Accurate valuation and regular review can reduce your premium as well as give you peace of mind. If you have never had a valuation or validation completed, we would strongly advise this.

An up-to-date valuation may not necessarily result in higher premiums. Fine Art and Antiques are classed as ‘low risk’ and so have a lower percentage premium. Separating them from ‘General Contents’ may even attract lower premiums. A full Insurance Valuation may also lead to a discount on an existing premium and fulfil all requirements a broker needs to do to comply with the Insurance Act 2016.

Should you find yourself under-insured when making a claim, this can have a devastating effect if your insurers apply average or you are seen as deliberately under insuring.


We offer a free initial assessment on a full household insurance valuation. It allows us to tailor the valuation to suit both the client’s and insurer’s requirements. For example, there may be certain categories which you wish to insure at an “agreed value” “rather than “full replacement value”. The assessment is followed by a written quotation with a fixed charge.

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Our fees are charged on an hourly basis (minimum of three hours) per specialist and not by the value of the item. For a quotation, please contact us today.


Working with most of the leading insurance companies, Doerr Dallas Valuations has come to be regarded as one of the most highly regarded specialist valuation businesses in the UK. We always try to work with the minimum of disruption to our clients. We pride ourselves on a reputation for integrity, knowledge, courtesy and professionalism and work to Service Standards.


We appreciate that Security issues are likely to be a concern to our clients. Valuation documents are treated with the highest security. Our IT systems are robust and operate to the highest Industry standards with regular reviews.

Damage and Post Loss Valuations

We assess the loss in value for art and objects that have been damaged or improperly restored.

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