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What we Value

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Arms & Armour

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We value firearms, bladed weapons, military relics, vehicles, and military aircraft from Civil Wars in England and America, to worldwide conflicts of the 20th Century, the ever-increasing world of collectible Arms & Armour continues to grow in stature and interest.


Asian & Chinese Works of Art

Asian art covers all aspects of fine and decorative arts from Turkey through Persia and India into South East Asia including Thai, Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhistic sculpture, but the main areas are those items from China and Japan, often focussing on ancient and antique pieces but in recent years there has been a great flowering of contemporary art in Asia.

Of specific interest are Chinese pieces made for the home market, ideally made for the Ming and Qing Royal Courts as well as ancient pieces from the Han, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties where provenance has become very important.


Books, Manuscripts & Archives

The importance of books, manuscripts & archives cannot be overstated and includes important antiquarian works printed over the preceding four and a half centuries, and modern pieces published from 1900 onwards. We attach equal importance to manuscripts which, of course, have an even longer history. Among core subjects are Latin and Greek classics, the arts and sciences, English and foreign literature, travel and exploration, and sporting books. Archives, large collections of papers associated with a specific family, estate or institution or a specific person, have a value related to their historical importance and popular appeal and are also assessed on a regular basis.


Ceramics and Glass

Crafts that span centuries and continents. Ceramics include; porcelain, earthenware, soft paste, pottery, terracotta, stoneware, bone china, majolica and Delftware to name but a few. Glassware also has an equal amount of variety including astonishing pieces encompassing Greek, Roman & Egyptian antiquities. With a multitude of studios, periods and styles for both disciplines, values can fluctuate dependent upon the shape, size, clarity and condition.


Russian Works of Art & Faberge

Commissioned by Tsars, gifted as dowries, presented to dignitaries and collected by travellers around the world. The Russian objets d’art have been exported over the ages around the world. This category includes items made in Russia such as Fabergé, jewellery, vertu, gold, silver, porcelain, bronze, glass and militaria.


Classic & Collector Cars

From a 1931 Bugatti T55 owned by one family for 56 years, sold under the Bonhams gavel in Paris for 4.4m euros (£3,849,130), to a half-timbered Morris Minor Traveller preserved in your garage worth a few thousand, classic cars have become collectable assets which need to be periodically and professionally revalued.

Whether you own an old Aston Martin or still have that Mini you learned to drive in, from Ferraris to MGBs, from a shining Rolls-Royce to a dusty Bentley, from a McLaren supercar to a trusty Mercedes we assess all marques for all purposes.


Impressionist and Modern Art & Sculpture

Encompassing paintings, sculptures and works on paper by the most important names in late-19th and early-20th-century art, alongside movements such as Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism and Surrealism, including works by Picasso, Modigliani, Cézanne, Matisse, Monet and more.


Modern British Art

This increasingly popular category includes paintings, sculpture and works on paper by some of the leading artists of the 20th century, such as Peter Blake, Bridget Riley, Lucian Freud, Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and L. S. Lowry. Ranging from early British Modernism to the present day, the subject includes British Pop Art, Cornish Abstraction, the School of London, Vorticism and the Camden Town Group.


Contemporary Art

This extensive selection of works includes the leading masters active from 1945 to 1970, including Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois, as well as contemporary luminaries such as Peter Doig, Jeff Koons and Gerhard Richter. Also included are works by emerging artists which include paintings, drawings, photographs and installations by a wide range of artists and schools from early Abstract Expressionism through to the present day.


Old Masters

Old Masters embraces Italian gold ground paintings, Flemish primitives, the Italian Renaissance, Mannerism, the Barroque, the Rococo, Classicism and the Romantic movement, including everything from Giotto to Delacroix taking in Botticelli, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Wilson and Gainsborough en route, encapsulating the period of 1300-1850.

The media can be Pencil, Pen and Ink, Chalk, Tempera and Oil on supports such as Linen, Canvas, Copper, Paper and Panel and a multitude of other materials available at the time.


Objects of Virtue

When considering items within a connoisseur’s collection, we thrive on seeking classic design pieces of lighting, art-glass, enamel wares and pieces of design majesty with such greats as Faberge, Baccarat, and Hermes.



When a piece of furniture becomes more than just a seat or a table, it becomes a piece of art or history – from 16th & 17th century oak, right through to modern classics from Eames and Finn Juhl – via Regency splendour and the bombast of Louis XVI, furniture tells a tale, and one that can speak volumes to generations.



A truly illuminating subject that covers far more than just 19th Century chandeliers, with industrial and architectural pieces being of ever increasing interest and a wave of modern designers using integral lighting to highlight their complex works.



From statement pieces to family heirlooms, antique to modern, designer and bespoke – the possibilities are endless and with jewellery so are the values. We specialise in appraising diamonds, coloured gems and pearls, as well as plain metal pieces. To include jewellery designers such as Cartier, Boucheron; Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Graff, Harry Winston, Tiffany and Boodles.


Pictures & Photography

Our specialists have a wealth of experience and will be delighted to provide valuation advice on any type or period of art history ranging from a single item to larger collections and studios to include watercolours, oils, pencil, works on paper, original prints and photography.


Rugs & Carpets

Carpets and rugs offer some of the most magnificent forms of accessible art with generations of heritage, right under your feet. Produced across the four corners of the globe, with as many different styles as there are knots (there are thousands of producing villages in modern day Persia alone. We value all carpets including; Isfahan, Qum, Ardebil, Hamadan, Tabriz & Kerman.



As an ever changing market, silver presents an exciting subject matter for our experts, seeing important pieces by the renowned masters De Lamerie and Paul Storr to more recent collections by the likes of Georg Jensen and his stunning take on silver as an art form, and the recent upsurge of interest in mid 20th century works by Stuart Devlin and his contemporaries. As advisors to many of the City Livery Companies, we work with some of the finest collections to date.


Tapestries & Textiles

How to tell a story through art and fabrics, these can range from Flemish tapestries and Far Eastern silks to English Medieval church embroidery, and European table covers. Many of the pieces in this category – provided they have been stored safely – will have very unique histories and present fascinating views into the past.



Originally seen as merely children’s reading, today comic books are being seen as stand-alone art forms and collector items. Museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York now regularly house the original comic strips and comic art of unique works.

Comics date back to the 1600’s but the most highly sought after pieces are those from the most recent era, in particular those from 1933-1979. Within that time period the most highly valued are superhero comics, particularly those with origin issues and first appearances. Other genres include, manga, science fiction, children’s, fantasy, action/adventure, alternative/esoteric, horror, humour and romance.


Coins and Bank notes

From investment to pastime, numismatic collections offer an interesting and potentially profitable hobby, with aficionados ranging from Popes and Emperors through to slightly more low key collectors. We value all coins including Roman, hammered, silver, gold, and foreign collections.



Orders, Decorations and Medals – whether British or foreign – are very collectable and popular amongst military and historical collectors. Property varies from Great War campaign medals, Waterloo and Crimea, to gallantry medals for valour in Naval General Service, or for acts of heroism. Throughout the Victorian period, military heroism was greatly admired and medals became an icon of this culture. Every medal has an accompanying story and collectors are thus driven by interest and passion. With some medal groups valued at over £1 million, it is vital that professional assessment and research is completed by a specialist.



The only real luxury is time, and with many clocks being works of sheer, unadulterated mechanical genius, we are not ones to argue – with the inherent fascination of measurement and precision, clocks have evolved from simplistic sticks in the ground to symbolic pieces of magnificence with a multitude of complications, and values to follow.



In the last decade, there has been a monumental change in the way in which watches are purchased and valued, and as such the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippe (amongst many others) have had a huge increase in market values. The ever-increasing variety of models and the desirability of certain incarnations of these means that details and proper valuations have never been more important. From a diamond-set  Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, to a classic Deco Cartier tank model, we have seen and valued some of the world’s great watches, and our specialists are regularly called on to advise clients around the globe with regard to their collections.



To include reds and whites, as well as Port, Champagne and even some brandies. Value is determined by the state of the label, the level of wine in the neck of the bottle, the yield of the grape during the year of production, in addition to the reputation and region of the vineyard.


Whisky and Spirits

This category includes Scottish Malt and Grain Whisky, Irish, Japanese and World Whisky. Also, Cognac, Brandy and the ever expanding area of Rum. Whether it be a curated collection, bottles in a wider wine cellar of casks held in bond, all areas are covered by our valuers.


General Household Contents

We can ensure everything is included within a home to ensure you are correctly insured or when the division of assets is being considered. General contents include a very broad area of general furniture and furnishings, designer furniture, soft furnishings, linens, clothing, handbags, kitchenware, electrical goods and more.