The birth of ceramics is believed to have dated back to the Paleolithic period, but has since been commonly utilised to create functional objects for daily use. Ceramics and porcelain can include bowls, plates, teapots, kitchenware sets, vases, and figurines.

Whether it’s your grandmother’s bone china tea set or an earthenware pot that you found at a car boot sale, our specialists will provide you with a description of your item, including opinion on origin, date, and value. Ceramics include porcelain, earthenware, soft paste, pottery, terracotta, stoneware, bone china, majolica and Delftware to name but a few.

Although glass also dates back millennia, In the 20th century it was in abundance with a variety of different designs. Good quality glassware had only been available to the rich before the 19th century, but now it was available to a much wider audience. Mass production techniques played their part with distinctive creations coming from talented glassware designers.

Glassware also has an equal amount of variety including astonishing pieces encompassing Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiquities. With a multitude of studios, periods and styles for both disciplines, values can fluctuate dependent upon the shape, size, clarity and condition.

Our team of industry-recognised specialists at Doerr Dallas works together to offer you an independent service to provide valuations of fine art, antiques, jewellery, watches and classic cars, we also offer a full range of other art-related advisory services.

We offer our clients a personal, professional, friendly, discreet and completely confidential service.

We work closely with leading firms of insurance brokers, insurers, solicitors, wealth managers, private banks and professional advisers to provide an efficient and timely service.

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