Originally seen as merely children’s reading, today comic books are being seen as stand-alone art forms and collectable items. Museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York now regularly house the original comic strips and comic art of unique works.

According to the CGC comic book database, there are only nine registered copies of New Adventure Comics #26, making it the rarest comic book in the world. New Adventure Comics #26 was first published in 1938, during the early days of DC Comics.

The so-called ‘Golden Age’ of comics was between 1938 and 1950. There was a clear stylistic distinction between good and evil, and superheroes were nothing more than happy-go-lucky do-gooders that battled and always defeated villains motivated by money or world domination.

And that is exactly why the comics of this age caught like wildfire. They fulfilled every kid’s dream of gaining larger-than-life powers, effortlessly overcoming their bullies and leaping out of their colourless neighbourhoods into adventure.

We at Doerr Dallas can offer specialist valuations of these rare publications. Comics date back to the 1600s but the most highly sought after pieces are those from the most recent era, in particular those from 1933-1979. Within that time period the most highly valued are superhero comics.

Our specialist valuations cover those genres and others including, manga, science fiction, children’s, fantasy, action/adventure, alternative/esoteric, horror, humour and romance. We can offer bespoke inventories and asset valuations together with insurance valuations.

We offer our clients a personal, professional, friendly, discreet and completely confidential service.

We work closely with leading firms of insurance brokers, insurers, solicitors, wealth managers, private banks and professional advisers to provide an efficient and timely service.

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