Having the contents of your home insured is critical, when sometimes valuable items have been squirreled away gathering dust.

Have you ever tuned into Antiques Roadshow and watched a stranger cash in big on a piece of artwork that’s been collecting dust in their late grandparent’s attic? Seeing such a display unfold on the TV has a way of inspiring us all to figure out what sort of valuable household items we may have lurking around our homes. These could include:

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  • Video games
  • Signed sports memorabilia
  • Antique stringed instruments

Valuations are critical to establish the true value of the insured items. This value is not based on what the insured paid, nor what the insured thinks it is worth now, but is the current retail replacement value. Should you find you are under-insured you will not be able to recoup the loss and in the event of a loss your insurer will look for you to prove ownership and value which can end up being problematic if you don’t have a valuation of all your contents and valuables.

A valuation is an informed opinion based upon many years of experience and formal training in a specialist’s area of expertise.

We can ensure everything is included within a home to ensure you are correctly insured or when the division of assets is being considered. General contents include a very broad area of household furniture and furnishings, designer furniture, soft furnishings, linens, clothing, handbags, kitchenware, electrical goods and more.

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