Medals, Orders and Decorations are a constant reminder of gallantry and sacrifices made during conflicts.

Awards were often given for an individual act of bravery. Other awards, such as coronation and jubilee medals were issued to commemorate events like the coronation or jubilee of our monarchs. Whether from the grim battlefields of the Somme and Passchendaele during the Great War, to the landing beaches at Normandy during the Second World War and conflicts at Waterloo and Crimea, Orders, Decorations and Medals have a sentimental and special place in our history. Whether British or foreign – they are very collectable and popular amongst military and historical collectors. The most widely known are the Victoria Cross – the highest military award for gallantry, and the George Cross but there are many lesser-known medals awarded for service in the Second World War which have great value as well.

For instance, the Atlantic Star commemorated the Battle of the Atlantic which took place between September, 1939 and May, 1945, while Allied convoys transporting goods and valuables from America and the colonies were under attack by German U-boats.

Throughout the Victorian period, military heroism was greatly admired, and medals became an icon of this culture. Every medal has an accompanying story and collectors are thus driven by interest and passion.

With some medal groups valued at over £1 million, it is vital that professional assessment and research is completed by an expert.

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