Doerr Dallas provides specialist appraisals of Fabergé and Russian works of art. We are an independent business offering a high degree of personal attention and offer proven/seasoned expertise that is critical for this field.

Russian art was sometimes commissioned by Tsars, gifted as dowries, presented to dignitaries and collected on an international scale.  Interest in this sector continues unabated and across all media from jewellery, precious metal, porcelain, glass, bronze, militaria and even to walrus ivory.  Nowadays, visitors to Russia often bring home Palekh boxes, Dymkovo toys, Gzhel ceramics, Zhostovo paintings and Filimonovo toys as souvenirs.

Today, the object most closely associated with Russia may be the Matryoshka doll, consisting of a painted wooden figure which can be pulled apart to reveal a series of figures nesting in one another. Curiously, even though these seem so iconic, they only caught the public’s attention in around 1900.

True Russian icons are far older.  These religious paintings on wood, vary from small handheld examples to some as large as a tabletop.  They enriched churches and monasteries but were also venerated in the home.  Demand for such imagery has increased since the country reconnected with a faith that was contrary to ideology during Soviet times.

Fabergé eggs were the legendary Easter surprises created by The House of Fabergé between 1885 and 1917.  The ultimate luxury was the series of imperial eggs commissioned by the last two Russian Emperors.  Alexander III first ordered one for his consort who was so enchanted that the tradition continued for 30 years. Their son, Nicholas II doubled the commission so both the Dowager Empress and his wife would be delighted at Easter.

While the House of Fabergé also created jewelled eggs for other prominent patrons, only 50 imperial eggs were presented, of which seven are still missing.  Two more were planned for Easter 1918, but were not delivered as the Russian Revolution intervened.

Our team of industry-recognised specialists at Doerr Dallas works together to offer you an independent service to provide valuations of fine art, antiques, jewellery, watches and classic cars. We also offer a full range of other art-related advisory services.

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