In the last decade, there has been a monumental change in the way in which watches are purchased and valued, and as such the likes of Rolex and Patek Philippe (amongst many others) have had a huge increase in market values. Doerr Dallas specialists can advise on the value of these collectable timepieces.

Since the Egyptians invented the sundial around 5,000 years ago, our need to know the time has evolved in many ways. That circular design is thought to have influenced the design of watches.

The history of watches began in 16th-century Europe, where watches evolved from portable spring-driven clocks, which first appeared in the 15th century.

The watch that was developed from the 16th century to the mid-20th century was a mechanical device, powered by winding a mainspring which turned gears and then moved the hands. It kept time with a rotating balance wheel. In the 1960s the invention of the quartz watch which ran and kept time with a vibrating quartz crystal, proved a radical departure for the watchmaking industry. During the 1980s quartz watches dominated the watch market.

However, the top level of horology still used the best available mechanical movements, creating not only timepieces, but works of art. This has seen the mechanical watch becoming one of the most important areas of valuation in the jewellery sector of recent years and the ever-increasing variety of models and the desirability of certain incarnations of these means that details and proper valuations have never been more important. From a diamond-set Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, to a classic Deco Cartier tank model, we have seen and valued some of the world’s great watches, and our specialists are regularly called on to advise clients around the globe regarding their collections.

Our team of industry-recognised specialists at Doerr Dallas works together to offer you an independent service to provide valuations of fine art, antiques, jewellery, watches and classic cars, we also offer a full range of other art-related advisory services.

We offer our clients a personal, professional, friendly, discreet and completely confidential service.

Working closely with leading firms of insurance brokers, insurers, solicitors, wealth managers, private banks and professional advisers to provide an efficient and timely service.

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