Many of us love the odd tipple, with wine ever more popular in British culture, whether it be cheap supermarket plonk to high end vintage. Some people actually bathe in it to improve skin tone.

But many wines can fetch astonishing prices with their antique value. You don’t have to drink it – it can become a collectable asset and at Doerr Dallas our wine specialists can value your collection.

Wine has been produced for thousands of years. The earliest evidence of wine is from ancient Georgia (6000 BC), Persia (5000 BC), and Italy (4000 BC) when fermentation was first discovered. Today, the countries with the largest wine-producing regions are Italy, Spain, France and the United States.

Whether it be red, white, port, Champagne or even some brandies, which are, like wine, produced from the grape, our specialists have a comprehensive knowledge.

Value is determined by many factors, including the state of the label, the level of wine in the neck of the bottle, the yield of the grape during the year of production, in addition to the reputation and region of the vineyard.

If you want to learn more about wine, books like Hugh Johnson’s The Story of Wine are worth a read. It tells how wine became the global phenomenon it is today, varying from mass-produced plonk to rare bottles fetching many thousands. It ranges from Noah to Napa, Pompeii to Prohibition to Pomerol and is praised as gripping, anecdotal, personal, controversial and fun.

Our team of industry-recognised specialists at Doerr Dallas works together to offer you an independent service to provide valuations of fine art, antiques, jewellery, watches and classic cars, we also offer a full range of other art-related advisory services.

We offer our clients a personal, professional, friendly, discreet and completely confidential service.

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