8 Problems with asset valuations clients may not recognise – what brokers need to know

This will be by Alastair Meiklejon, Senior Valuer & Wristwatch Specialist

When a client tells you they have a valuation for their assets a broker may breathe a sigh of relief – but that relief could be misplaced.

Alastair will share examples of documents Doerr Dallas Valuations have seen from clients and brokers that are inadequate and explain why this is the case. He will also share ideas and questions that may be useful for brokers to help them raise these issues with their clients in a non-confrontational way.

Making sure your client has correctly valued all their assets will:

  • Ensure you are offering the best service
  • Reduce the chance of issues at the point of claim
  • Ensure the risk is correctly underwritten, insured and priced
  • Potentially lead to higher (but correct) premiums, and hence higher commission
  • Protect your PI from claims that you did not correctly advise your client

There will be the opportunity for Q&A at the end of the session.

Audience: useful for all levels of experience, and for both personal lines and commercial client-facing broking staff. Particularly useful for those early in their careers.

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